Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Dods John Henry Edinburgh Academicals
Domercq unknown Aviron Bayonnais
Doran James Carrington NSW
Douglas John J unknownAuckland
Dourel Andr? Castres Olympiques
Dove Sydney Earnest Harlequins
Dove S E Leicester Tigers
Downing A J (Doolan) unknownWellington
Dowse Charles Edward IRFU Pals
Drinkwater L W New Brighton Lancs
Driscol Edward Cardiff East
Driscol Edward Grangetown OB
Drummond David IRFU Pals
Drysdale Adrian Castlelaw Old Whitgiftian
Dubarry unknown Stade Toulonais
Ducasse Marcel Charles Fernand Evreux
Ducasse Marcel Charles Fernand Le Havre
Ducasse Marcel Charles Fernand SF
Duchesne William Sydney City & Sub. NSW
Duclos Cl?ment Biarritz Stadium
Duclos Cl?ment Stade Bordelais
Dudley Henry Pemberton Shanghai
Dudley Henry Pemberton IRFU Pals
Dudley Eric Whittington Old Merchant Taylors
Dudley David Monmouth Sch
Dufau Julien Biarritz Stadium
Duffet unknown Stade Toulonais
Dugmore Sydney Arthur Burton RFC
Dumons Raymond US Montauban
Duncan W Waterloo
Duncan Andrew Hawick
Duncanson S R Newport
Dunford E T BC Rugby
Dunlop Christian Dalrymple Birkenhead Park
Dunn John Robert Collard Cardiff Reserves
Dunn John Robert Collard London Welsh
Dunn John Robert Collard Old Monktonians
Dupe George Thomas Spillers
Dupr? Paul RCF
Durfort F?lix EAM d'Aix
Dussans AJ Gaston RCF
Dussans AJ Gaston SC Agen
Dustin Claude unknownWellington
Duthie Robert L M unknownOtago
Eager Bruce Yass NSW
Earl Sidney Edward Emanuel OB
Eastwood D New Brighton Lancs
Eaton T Crusaders
Edgar Harold John Birkenhead Park
Edmondson Richard Hawick
Edmunds William Henry London Welsh
Edmunds William Henry Pontypool
Edmunds William Henry St Mary's Hospital
Edmunds William Henry University College- Cardiff
Edwards William Victor Malone
Edwards William A. Edwards Swansea
Egloff Charles SF
Eiloart Frank Oswald Harlequins
Elder William Gardner Emanuel OB
Eley William Douglas Emanuel OB
Elliott Frederick Elijah Manly District
Elliott Charles W Wanstead
Elliott George C Wanstead
Elliott Thomas CM IRFU Pals
Elliott Thomas CM Potora
Elliott Thomas CM Trinity
Elliott John Amyand Warren NSW
Elliott John Amyand Hawksbury Agr. Coll
Elmslie Kenward Wallace Harlequins
Elmslie James M. unknownWellington
Eloy Albert Olympiques Lillois
Elrington Cecil John Manly District
Elson W Kendal
Elwood A L Glebe NSW
Emmott J B Manchester
Errecalde Jean Raoul Aviron Bayonnais
Escar? Claude Alfred Richmond
Espellette G. Henri Section Paloise
Etienne Maurice SF
Eutropius "Eutrope Albert SCUF
Eutropius "Eutrope Aldabert SCUF
Evans Evan Amman United
Evans Hubert William Emanuel OB
Evans N Manchester
Evans Tom Bridgend
Evans Walter Richard Leicester Tigers
Evans N E Llandovery College
Evers Hugh Lancelot Moseley
Evershed Albury Burton RFC
Evinson Fred R unknown
Ewart Victor Alexander Blackheath
Ewington Gilbert Oswald Emanuel OB
Fabie unknown Stade Tarbais
Fairbairn W R Waterloo
Fairbrother R E (Ted) unknownChristchurch
Falconer Ambrose A unknownOtago
Fargues L RC Saint-Gaudens
Farmer Thomas Hawick
Farquharson John Charles Oxford Univ.
Farrer Henry Wyndham Francis Blackburne Blackheath