Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Allen Stephen Charles Manly District
Allen Thomas Harlequins
Allen Thomas Oxford Univ.
Allen Lawrence John Maynard Emanuel OB
Allen Harold Alfred Emanuel OB
Almon A P Crusaders
Amiel Jules SC Saint Girons
Anatol Jean Aviron Bayonnais
Anderson Claude W BC Rugby
Anderson D M BC Rugby
Anderson A S Brighton
Anderson Max Armagh
Anderson Andrew Stuart Birkenhead Park
Anderson Archibald L. Hawick
Andlauer Jacques Francois Eugene SF
Andrews E Armagh
Anduran Marie Jean-Baptiste Joseph SCUF
Angeli unknown Stade Tarbais
Angove E M Penarth
Angus J R Barry
Angus W New Brighton Lancs
Annaheim G H Manchester
Anoulih Jean Stade Bordelais
Anthony Idris Tycroes
Anthony J R Llandovery Coll.
Appleby Norman Harrogate OB
Appleyard Harry Elston Harrogate OB
Appleyard Walter D'Aucie IRFU Pals
Arabet Fernand Stade Toulousain
Armitage N Manchester
Armstrong Henry Leslie Hawick
Arnaud Louis SC Marseille
Arne Jean Baptiste Pierre SN Bayonne
Arnold Harold Wm Burton RFC
Arqui? Camile US Montauban
Arrighi Paul Stade Rochelais
Arrowsmith Arthur Burton RFC
Ash Basil Claudius Middlesex
Ash Basil Claudius Rosslyn Park
Ashcroft Edward Stanley Birkenhead Park
Ashcroft Frederick Birkenhead Park
Ashcroft William Birkenhead Park
Ashington Henry Sherard Birkenhead Park
Ashmore William Henry Adamstown ~ St Peters
Aspinall William Robert NSW
Aspinall William Robert Sydney Univ.
Astley C B New Brighton Lancs
Astruc Emile Castres Olympiques
Atkinson John Thomas Blackheath
Atkinson Miles Linzee Cambridge Univ
Atkinson Lawrence Evans Harrogate OB
Aubrey Frederick Morgan Penarth
Austin H Cooke
Austin Vernon Thomas Moseley
Autier Paul Stade Rochelais
Ayliffe Norman Joseph Llanishen
Az?ma Marius Castres Olympiques
Bache H G Kendal
Bacon Gaston Henri Stade Rochelais
Bailey Frank Abbott Burton RFC
Bain David McLaren Oxford Univ.
Baird Thomas B unknownOtago
Baird James A S (Jim) Otago
Bajard G RC Saint-Gaudens
Bajard C RC Saint-Gaudens
Baker Johnny BC Rugby
Baker Cecil Douglas Blackheath
Baker Roland Long Buckby
Baker Cecil Douglas Oxford Univ.
Baker George Herbert Bristol
Balans George Stade Toulousain
Ball Charles Frederick IRFU Pals
Ballerum Frederick Christian William Balmain NSW
Barb? Maurice SF
Barber Harry Mason Emanuel OB
Barber Gordon Birkenhead Park
Barber John Christian Birkenhead Park
Barbier unknown SC Vaugirard
Bargeles Louis Aviron Bayonnais
Bark N Waterloo
Barlow Geoffrey Petrie Birkenhead Park
Barlow Roland Brereton Orange Free State RU
Barltrop Harry C unknownCanterbury
Barnes Harry Gloucester RFC
Barnes George Gaylor Harlequins
Barras William Glasgow Academicals
Barrat Marius Stade Toulousain
Barrau Jean-Marie Stade Toulousain
Barrett John Ambrose Old Merchant Taylors
Barrett Alexander Vernon Richmond
Barrett Norman Kenyan Harrogate OB
Barthelemy Marcel Stade Toulousain
Barthes Jean Stade Toulousain
Bartlett T Penarth
Barton William Bernard Richmond
Batchelor G A BC Rugby
Batchley C D C Olympic
Bates M Richmond
Bateson Ernest Eccles