Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Clarke Eric Groby Richmond
Clarke Seaforth St John Emanuel OB
Clarke G B Richmond
Claverie unknown Stade Tarbais
Cleall Alfred Bath
Clegg J H Manchester
Clegg A V Manchester
Clegg R L Manchester
Clements Thomas Harold Monmouth Sch
Clements Thomas Harold Monmouth RFC
Clifton Harold Norton Richmond
Clinch Henry Percy Sale
Close W J Llangennech
Close Evan J Llangennech
Clubb Howard Wm Burton RFC
Clunet unknown PUC
Cobbold E F W Manchester
Coburn Charles Isaacs Harlequins
Cochrane E F Crusaders
Cocker Thomas Edge Shanghai
Coderch Joseph Stade Toulonais
Coen Francis Sydney Univ.
Coggill Harold Harrogate OB
Colborne L Brighton
Coldwells Leonard George Old Whitgiftian
Cole Charles H unknownWellington
Collins Henry Gloucester RFC
Collins Albert Edward Emanuel OB
Collinson Arthur Amery Richmond
Collman Albert George Emanuel OB
Combemale unknown RCF
Communeau Jean SF
Compton-Smith R Manchester
Comrie J Doncaster
Conihl de Beyssac Jean Jacques Rosslyn Park
Conilh de Beyssac Jean Jacques Stade Bordelais
Connew Percy Alexander Emanuel OB
Connor Cleveland Alexander Shanghai
Connor William T Barry
Cook Percival L Doncaster
Cook Frank Long Buckby
Cook G N New Brighton Lancs
Cook Leslie Amyas Emanuel OB
Cook George G unknownAuckland
Cooney John Daniel Lancashire
Cooney John Daniel Manchester
Coop William Birkenhead Park
Cooper L G Llandovery College
Corcoran Michael unknownChristchurch
Cordrey Harold Courtney Old Whitgiftian
Corke Guy Harold Old Whitgiftian
Corneille P RC Saint-Gaudens
Corpalene unknown Stade Tarbais
Corrie John Hawick
Corry Roland Longman Richmond
Corsbie Richard T unknown
Costa Albert Stade Rochelais
Cotter Henry F unknown
Cotterell George Frederick Blackheath
Cotterell George Frederick United Serviecs
Cotton Arthur Edward Birkenhead Park
Couffe Joseph AS Perpignan
Coulson C T Waterloo
Court E M Crusaders
Couziret P RC Saint-Gaudens
Cowell N A Westcombe Park
Cowin H H New Brighton Lancs
Cowtan F S Wasps
Coxe A N Richmond
Craig G Crusaders
Cranston William Graham Hawick
Crawford-Kehrmann Jay (Jessel) Harlequins
Crawshaw Ernest E unknownChristchurch
Cream C B Richmond
Crichton Alexander G IRFU Pals
Cripps Arthur Glebe NSW
Croce Spinelli Ren? RCF
Croll Graham Richmond
Crookshank Arthur Chichester IRFU Pals
Crossle Frederick Emanuel OB
Crossley C Richmond
Crowther Sydney Nelson British Isles tm
Crowther Sydney Nelson Old Warwickians
Crowther Sydney Nelson Westminster Hospital
Crowther Sydney Nelson Lennox FC
Crust William Harrogate OB
Cuille Jean-Marie Stade Bordelais
Cuille Jean-Marie Stade Toulousain
Cull Arthur Tulloch Rosslyn Park
Cullinan Robert Hornidge Dublin Univ.
Cumenge Franck Castres Olympiques
Cummings Ernest George Gloucester RFC
Cunningham Eli Hawick
Curties Dudley Thomas Lee Old Whitgiftian
D?jean Jean Stade Toulonais
D'Alpuget Jacques Montaque NSW
d'Eichtal Philippe SF
d'Eichtal G?rard SF
Dalby William A Leicester Tigers
Daley Daniel Welsh Regt