Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Tripp Donald Owen Howard 'Dolly' Harlequins
Troupe S H Richmond
Truman Thomas Archibald Gloucester RFC
Tucker Alfred Doncaster
Tucker Alfred Harrogate OB
Tucker Frederick Edmundson Harrogate OB
Tuke Arthur H S Richmond
Tunks F G VIC. East
Turnbull Thomas Lanceot Gawain Blackheath
Turnbull Montague Dalston Harlequins
Turnbull J W New Brighton Lancs
Turnbull James Cartha
Turner Francis Philip Emanuel OB
Turner Frederick Harding Birkenhead Park
Turner William Stewart Birkenhead Park
Turner Frederic Harding Oxford Univ.
Turner Percy Herbert Old Merchant Taylors
Turtill Hubert Sydney "Jum Canterbury
Turtill Hubert Sydney "Jum christhurch Albion
Turtill Hubert Sydney "Jum St Helens
Tutard Gabriel Stade Rochelais
Tweedy W W Kendal
Twentyman Arthur Birkenhead Park
Twigg John Leicester Tigers
Tynne (Lord) Alexander Bath
Underhill G Richmond
Underwood Frederick Nelson Emanuel OB
Uzzell Ben Newport
Valentine Robert L IRFU Pals
Vardy W Crusaders
Varvier Th?odore unknown
Vaudrey C S Manchester
Vaughan A E C Waterloo
Vaughton Philip Reeves Moseley
Vayssettes Alphonse Louis Castres Olympiques
Veitch Alfred Penry Francis Sale
Venables Charles R Moseley
Verdier Charles RC Saint-Gaudens
Verdier Charles Stade Toulonais
Verge Arthur NSW
Verge Arthur Sydney Univ.
Vernet Maurice US Montauban
Vernon Theopphilus Chater Shanghai
Verseilles J US Montauban
Vetillard Roger SF
Vianey Marcel SC Vaugirard
Vidal Lancelot Andrewes Harlequins
Vigneau unknown Stade Toulonais
Vigney B Crusaders
Villis Archibald Emanuel OB
Villis tom Emanuel OB
Vincent Charles Aubrey Cambridge Univ
Vincent A Crusaders
Viney Louis Mackintosh
Vispaly Pierre Aviron Bayonnais
Vispaly Pierre Biarritz Stade
Waddell David Adams Burton RFC
Waddell David Adams Leicester Tigers
Wade Albert Luvian Dulwich College
Wade Albert Luvian London Scottish
Wahl M T Orange Free State RU
Wakefield T B Waterloo
Wakefield L J Waterloo
Walker R South Sydney
Walker Henry John Innes Blackheath
Walker Anthony T Doncaster
Walker John Wickham Doncaster
Walker George Ernest Emanuel OB
Walker Henry J.I. unknown
Wallace Houston Stewart Worcestershire Regiment
Wallace William Middleton Cambridge Univ
Wallace William Middleton London Scottish
Wallach Clarence E. Suburbs NSW
Wallach Clarence NSW
Waller Phillip Dudley Llanelli Interm. Sch
Waller Phillip Dudley Newport
Waller Phillip Dudley JHB Wanderers
Waller Phillip Dudley Monmouthshire
Waller Phillip Dudley Somerset
Walsh William George Glamorgan Wanderers
Walsh William George London Scottish
Walton C Olympic
Walwin Oscar Gloucester RFC
Walwin Oscar Old Cryptians
Wand-Tetley Clarence Ernest Harlequins
Warburton Richard Prince Edward Island
Ward Robert Oscar Cyril Cambridge Univ
Ward Robert Oscar Cyril Harlequins
Wareing W P A Richmond
Warner Henry James Old Whitgiftian
Watchorn John F unknownAuckland
Watkins Garfield Bridgend
Watson James Henry Digby Blackheath
Watson Kenneth Falshaw Blackheath
Watson James Henry Digby Edinburgh Academicals
Watson James Henry Digby London Hospital
Watson L R Harrogate OB
Watson Arthur Paton Waterloo
Watson A N Richmond
Watson C C Richmond