Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Sysum Sidney Gloucester RFC
Tachoires Henri Bouton d'Or
Tachoires Jean SBUC
Talbot Edgar Francis Burton RFC
Tamsett Henry Blackheath
Tarr Francis Nathaniel Harlequins
Tarr Francis Nathaniel Headingly
Tarr Francis Nathanial Leicester Tigers
Tarr Francis Nathanial Oxford Univ.
Tarr Francis Nathaniel Richmond
Tasker William George Newtown
Tasker William George NSW
Tatlow H Manchester
Tauzy Alexandr? Stade Toulonais
Taylor Archibald McMillan Birkenhead Park
Taylor Frank Burton RFC
Taylor H A Wasps
Taylor E S Waterloo
Taylor C J Wanstead
Taylor Alfred Squire Edinburgh Univ.
Taylor George B R unknown
Taylor John unknownOtago
Taylor Reginald unknownWellington
Taylor Gilbert Hawick
Taylor Charles Gerald Blackheath
Taylor Charles Gerald HMS Marlborough
Taylor Charles Gerald RN Coll. Greenwich
Taylor Charles Gerald London Welsh
Taylor Charles Gerald Hants
Taylor Charles Gerald South Wales
Taylor W J Cwmcarn
Taylor Jones C Richmond
Teague B E Waterloo
Teague T E Waterloo
Teague J C T Richmond
Telfer H A Wasps
Templeton Archibald Douglas Glasgow Academicals
Test test Manchester
Thomas E J Canton
Thomas Hugh Gareth Cheltenham Training College
Thomas Hugh Gareth Gloucester RFC
Thomas Arthur Lewis Emanuel OB
Thomas Edwin Bridgend
Thomas Fred Bridgend
Thomas Louis CS Oyonnaux
Thomas Charles E. unknownTimaru
Thomas R N Wasps
Thomas Horace Wyndham Blackheath
Thomas Horace Wyndham Bridgend Co. Sch
Thomas Horace Wyndham Monmouth Sch
Thomas Horace Wyndham King's Coll. Cambridge
Thomas Horace Wyndham London Welsh
Thomas Horace Wyndham Calcutta
Thomas Richard (Dick) Bridgend
Thomas Horace Wyndham Cambridge Univ
Thomas Richard (Dick) Ferndale
Thomas Richard (Dick) Glamorgan
Thomas Richard (Dick) Glamorgan Police
Thomas Richard (Dick) Mountain Ash
Thomas Richard (Dick) Penygraig
Thomas Horace Wyndham Swansea
Thomas Tom Ammanford
Thomas Tom Llandybie
Thomassett Gordon Theodore Blackheath
Thompson Frederick E. Suburbs NSW
Thompson Frederick NSW
Thompson Gerald "Tommy" W Somerset West
Thompson Gerald "Tommy" W Western Province
Thompson A Manchester
Thompson A Northumberland
Thomson Rupert Archer Emanuel OB
Thomson John Young Hawick
Thomson Francis Wishart Oxford Univ.
Thorne Cornelius Cambridge Univ
Thorne Cornelius Harlequins
Thornley Alfred Richard Burton RFC
Thornton J P Waterloo
Thornton Frank Huddersfield
Thornton-Smith Arthur Donald Old Whitgiftian
Thorp Arthur St Johns York
Thould James Milton Joseph Weston-super-Mere
Thould James Milton Joseph Bristol
Tidyman Robert Richardson E. Suburbs NSW
Tindall Harry St Johns York
Tipton Richard James Birkenhead Park
Tirriet Louis Stade Rochelais
Titt Alfred Cardiff
Tobin Richard Patrick IRFU Pals
Todd Alexander Findlater Blackheath
Todd Alexander Findlater Cambridge Univ
Todd Alexander Findlater Old Millhillians
Todd Alexander Findlater Rosslyn Park
Tolson J Manchester
Tombs John Simpson Birkenhead Park
Tombs H E Westcombe Park
Toulouse L RC Saint-Gaudens
Toulouze Marcel Martin Gadz'Arts
Tournier unknown Section Paloise
Tremoulet Adrien Castres Olympiques
Trenchard F H Richmond