Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Smith Frank Cinderford
Smith Frank Gloucester RFC
Smith Frank St Mark's
Smith A W Waterloo
Smith Geoffrey Cholerton Emanuel OB
Smith Vivian Wasps
Smith F G Taibach
Smith Harold Heyworth Preston Grasshoppers
Smith W Crusaders
Smith S Newcastle NSW
Smyth Robertson Stewart Dublin Univ.
Smyth Robertson Stewart St Dun's Hosp
Smyth Robertson Stewart Wanderers
Snell C H New Brighton Lancs
Solling Eric Martin Maitland NSW
Somerville Hugh Russell Leicester Tigers
Sorano Charles Stade Toulonais
Soubiron Maurice Stade Toulonais
Soula Jean Stade Toulonais
Soulsby H Crusaders
Southern Gerald Cameron Harlequins
Spalding Robert Gordon Birkenhead Park
Sparks Frank Evans Old Whitgiftian
Sparrow Eric Walter Burton RFC
Speirs George Patrick Glasgow Academicals
Spencer Walter George Emanuel OB
Spencer George Blackheath
Spencer-Smith Charles Owen Harlequins
Spicer Filmer Blake Emanuel OB
Spink the Rev Hubert Octavius Richmond
Spong Robert William Guy's Hospital
Spratt Stuart Frank NSW
Sprudd William Martin Whitchurch Boys
Stack John Masfen Burton RFC
Stafford C.C. Bedford Blues
Stafford James Neilson Greenlees Moseley
Stanley R O Cooke
Stanton W Walcha NSW
Stanway William Prince Edward Island
Staples O O Richmond
Staunton Harvey Cambridge Univ
Stephens Albert Hubert Cardiff Schoolboys
Stephens Albert Hubert Whitchurch Boys
Stephenson J M Walcha NSW
Stepto Cyril Frederick Emanuel OB
Sternberg E Manchester
Stevens Arthur Wanstead
Stevenson Andrew Hawick
Stewart George Manly District
Stewart Douglas Alex Old Whitgiftian
Stewart L G New Brighton Lancs
Stewart Albert Lewis NIFC Ulster
Stewart Albert Lewis R.B.A.I.
Stewart Albert Lewis London Irish
Stewart William R unknownOtago
Stewart R C Manchester
Steyn Stephen Sebastian Guy's Hospital
Steyn Stephen Sebastian London Scottish
Steyn Stephen Sebastian Oxford Univ.
Stillingfleet H C BC Rugby
Stirling G BC Rugby
Stirling George Watson Hawick
Stockdale W Waterloo
Stockwell Ernest Harold Emanuel OB
Stokes Guy Leonard Blackheath
Stone Walter Napleton Blackheath
Stone Arthur Blackheath
Stone Arnold Burton RFC
Stone Reginald G Burton RFC
Stoney Thomas Ramsey Blackheath
Stout Thomas Glasgow Academicals
Stowell T B Waterloo
Strachan William Harry Roath Crescents
Strahan Geoffrey Wasps
Strang John D K unknownWellington
Strangman Kingsly Somerset West
Street Leonard Alexander Blackheath
Street Norman Kingsley Moseley
Strother John Marmaduke Harrogate OB
Stroud Sydney Hall Old Merchant Taylors
Stubbs Pearson unknownWellington
Stuckey Fred unknownAuckland
Stuntz John NSW
Styn Stephanus Sebastian Lombard Blackheath
Sugden John Edwin Harrogate OB
Suller Alfred Edward Bristol
Summers Ranulph Augustus Emanuel OB
Summers R Newport
Sumner J Waterloo
Supple Edward James Collis London Irish
Supple Edward James Collis London Irish
Surtees William Beverley Harlequins
Sutherland Walter R. Hawick
Swain Harold George Selwyn unknownOtago
Swannell Blair Inskip Northampton
Swannell Blair Inskip Northern Suburbs
Swannell Blair Inskip NSW
Sykes F Crusaders
Sykes R Lancashire
Sykes R Manchester