Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Dallas Raymond Vivian Leslie Harlequins
Dalleau Maurice Stade Toulonais
Damen William Thomas Emanuel OB
Damsell A S New Brighton Lancs
Dancer Alfred Christopher Emanuel OB
Danes Albert Stade Toulonais
Dangar Francis Henry Manly District
Dangou unknown BEC
Daniel A A Westcombe Park
Daniell H Crusaders
Danjean Marcel Castres Olympiques
Dare George Emanuel OB
Dartiguelongue H Stade Toulonais
Dauphole unknown Stade Tarbais
Davenport Frank Maturin Harlequins
David Emile Stade Rochelais
David Thomas William Keble College- Oxford
Davidson Scotty BC Rugby
Davidson Charles Falconer Emanuel OB
Davidson James Jack IRFU Pals
Davidson J S Blackheath
Davie W Penarth
Davies Fairfax Llewellyn Harlequins
Davies O St L Manchester
Davies Charles Bernard Caerphilly
Davies Charles Bernard Cardiff
Davies Charles Bernard Glamorgan
Davies Charles Bernard Llandovery College
Davies William Llandovery College
Davies William St Bart's Hospital
Davies Edward James St Peters
Davies Charles Bernard Swansea
Davies William "Willie" Arthur Shenstone Swansea
Davies William UC Cardiff
Davies C B Swansea
Davies Jack Bridgend
Davies J T R Pontypool
Davies W Llandovery College
Davies T J C Llandovery College
Davies Chaplain E T Penarth
Davis G Carrington NSW
Davis Lawrence Alan Shanghai
Davis unknown BC Rugby
Davisson D Manchester
Dawson Gerald Birkenhead Park
De Buriatte John Philip Richmond
de Castelnau unknown RCF
de Castelnau Hughes RCF
de Castelnau Xavier RCF
de Lagarrigne unknown RCF
de Lucy de Fossarieu unknown SC Vaugirard
de Luze R US Montauban
de Maudent Simon SF
de Montjou Marc SF
de Parade unknown US Montauban
de Schuttenbach unknown SC Vaugirard
Deane Ernest Cotton Adelaide Hospital
Deane Ernest Cotton Monkstown
Deardon- Reginald Sleight Harrogate OB
Decamps Paul Henri RCF
Dell Louis Michael Emanuel OB
Delmas Marcel Stade Toulonais
Delpech unknown Stade Toulonais
Denman Frank Christopher Emanuel OB
Denman F C Richmond
Depledge Edward Karl Maur Harrogate OB
Designs Marius Stade Rochelais
Despreau Ren? SF
Destracq Henri Stade Rochelais
Devlin Thomas Manly District
Dewar Henry (Norkey) unknownWellington
Dick Norman Brabazon Old Merchant Taylors
Dickson Walter Michael Blackheath
Dickson Walter Michael Oxford Univ.
Dickson Walter Michael SW Districts RSA
Dilnutt Eric William Emanuel OB
Dingle Arthur James Durham County
Dingle Arthur James Hartlepool Rovers
Dingle Arthur James Oxford Univ.
Dingle Arthur James Richmond
Dingle Arthur James Rosslyn Park
Dispons Jean Stade Toulonais
Ditzen Otto Stuart London Irish
Ditzen Otto Stuart London Irish
Dixon William Stuart Past Grammars
Dixon William Stuart QLD Reds
Dixon George Sale
Dixon A E B Manchester
Dixon R D Kendal
Dixon W Kendal
Dobbs George Eric Burroughs Woolwich
Dobbs George Eric Burroughs Plymouth Albion
Dobbs George Eric Burroughs Devonport Albion
Dobbs George Eric Burroughs Llanelli
Dobinson William Wigan OB
Dobinson William Wigan Pioneers
Dodd John O'Connel London Irish
Dodd Ernest H Wellington
Dodd John O'Connell London Irish
Dodds Walter Melbourne Harlequins