Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Callaghan Henry Walcha NSW
Callinan Thomas William London Irish
Calmettes Ren? Castres Olympiques
Calvet Jean US Montauban
Cambourcy Lucien RC Saint-Gaudens
Cameron Henry E. Suburbs NSW ~ NSW
Cameron I BC Rugby
Cameron Thomas Albert Oldham ~ Northern Union
Campbell Malcolm Drury Birkenhead Park
Campbell Robert Charles Cowburn Cambridge Univ
Campbell John Argentine Cambridge Univ
Campbell John Argentine W. of Scotland
Campbell J G Westcombe Park
Campbell Neil Leslie Geelong
Campbell Keith Morehead Gunning London Scottish
Campbell Keith Morehead Gunning United Services
Canceil Leopold AS Perpignan
Cancel R RC Saint-Gaudens
Canredon Armand AS Perpignan
Canredon Camille Louis Pierre AS Perpignan
Canteloup unknown Stade Tarbais
Capenhurst-Jenkins D J Llandovery College
Carassus unknown Stade Tarbais
Carayon Ren? Stade Toulonais
Carnduff Ken McLeod Harlequins
Carpenter Eric edwin Wanstead
Carr E W E. Suburbs NSW
Carr Roland Mansfield Tumut NSW
Carr Edwin Long Buckby
Carreras Ferdinand J London Irish
Carroll James Charles Blackheath
Carson James Arthur Balfour Blackheath
Carson James Arthur Balfour Cardiff
Carson James Arthur Balfour London Irish
Carson Robert NIFC
Carson James Arthur Balfour Ulster
Carson James Arthur Balfor London Irish
Cartery unknown Stade Tarbais
Carver Frank Maitland Richmond
Casper Henry Cardiff Romilly
Casper Henry Grange Conservatives
Casper Henry Grange Crescent
Casper Henry Grange Stars
Casper Henry St Agnes
Cassie Leith Emanuel OB
Caswell Thomas Emanuel OB
Cathala J-B Stade Toulonais
Cattanach William unknown
Cawley Herbert Thomas Walcha NSW
Cazabon Henri Stade Toulonais
Cazassus R RC Saint-Gaudens
Cederman Oscar E unknownOtago
Chal Joseph Stade Toulousain
Challoner Rex Thomas Sale
Chalton G D Manchester
Chamayon Henri Castres Olympiques
Chamberlain Charles Walter Burton RFC
Chamberlain Cyril John Emanuel OB
Chamberlain John Moseley
Chambers Robert (Roy) Past Grammars
Chambers Robert (Roy) QLD Reds
Chambers W Kendal
Chambert Omer US Montauban
Chandier Paul Olympiques Lillois
Chandler Arthur Ernest Emanuel OB
Chapman George Martin Harlequins
Chapman George Martin Cambridge Univ
Chapman Frank Stanley Court Rd School OB
Chappell C Waterloo
Charles William George Emanuel OB
Charles Fernand Stade Toulonais
Charolonnais Louis Stade Toulonais
Charrier Paul Stade Rochelais
Charters John Millar Hawick
Chase Archibald Alderman Richmond
Chase Philip Old Merchant Taylors
Chateau Albert Aviron Bayonnais
Chaubaub P RC Saint-Gaudens
Chautemps Louis Maurice RCF
Chenier Lucien Stade Rochelais
Chester J L New Brighton Lancs
Cheverain Emile Antoine US Montauban
Cheyne Harry Oxford Univ.
Chick A Penarth
Childs Harold PJ unknownOtago
Chiles-Davies Dr. David Brynmor Swansea
Chiplin Frederick Canton
Chittock Charles Henry Emanuel OB
Chorley L C Kendal
Chrichton AJ Wasps
Christophers Julian A unknownChristchurch
Church William Campbell Glasgow Academicals
Chuter John William (Jack) Emanuel OB
Clark Albert Charles Bristol
Clark Albert Charles England Schools
Clark Bruce Bristol
Clark A GPO
Clarke E L (Eddie) Bath
Clarke Stuart Algernon Blackheath
Clarke E L (Eddie) Oldfield Park