Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Williams G Llandovery College
Williams O M Llandovery College
Williams Brinley Jenkin Liverpool Univ.
Williamson Harold Yass NSW
Willink A H Kendal
Willis George Ward Emanuel OB
Willmer Arthur Franklin Birkenhead Park
Willmer A F Richmond
Wills A N Doncaster
Wilson John Willie Nova Scotia
Wilson Charles Edward Army
Wilson Frank Birkenhead Park
Wilson Charles Edward Blackheath
Wilson Arthur James Cornwall
Wilson Cornelius William Old Whitgiftian
Wilson Charles Edward Surrey
Wilson Robert Philip Emanuel OB
Wilson Amcotts C unknownChristchurch
Wilson Frank R. Auckland
Wilson John Skinner London Scottish
Wilson John Skinner United Services
Wilson Alan Hood Cambridge Univ
Wilson Thomas Hawick
Wilson Thomas Hawick
Wilson-Rae Reginald Twickenham
Wilton H Wasps
Windsor Edgar William Canton Wanderers
Windsor Edgar William Cardiff Fruiterers
Winspear George Cardiff Centrals
Winspear George St Peters
Winter Herbert unknownChristchurch
Winterbotham Cyril William Harlequins
Wisdom Colin Matson Emanuel OB
Wise T Olympic
Wolfe Sidney George Leicester Tigers
Wolfe Frederick Derrick S Emanuel OB
Wolff Gustav Frederick Old Merchant Taylors
Womersley D N Manchester
Wood Henry George Birkenhead Park
Wood Geoffrey Dayell Blackheath
Wood G D Waterloo
Wood K E Richmond
Woodhead Eric James Sale
Woodward Hubert Edwin Emanuel OB
Wookey William "Willie" Nehemiah Bristol
Wooley Albert SF
Wootton Edwin Francis Gloucester RFC
Worthington C S Manchester
Wospe E Olympic
Wragg Frederick Wm Burton RFC
Wray William Theodore Emanuel OB
Wright Sidney Wanstead
Wright W S Wasps
Wyborn Harry John Gustave Emanuel OB
Wynne Edward Ernest Leicester Tigers
Yeld C de C Penarth
Young A Crusaders
Young Cuthbert Frederick Old Whitgiftian
Young Outram M unknown
Young Eric Templeton Glasgow Academicals
Young E Manchester
Young Walter Cardiff
Zacharias F H Waterloo