Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Riches John Leslie Emanuel OB
Richmond T Kendal
Riddle Jasper S unknownOtago
Ridland Alexander James (Jimmy) southland
Rieple Leopold Anthony Cardiff Roxburgh
Riley John Armitage Huddersfield
Riley Harry B unknownNelson
Ripert A RC Saint-Gaudens
Rippon Norris H Huddersfield
Risk Robert Kelso
Riviere Louis-Ren? SF
Roach Bernard Arthur Gloucester Old Boys
Roach Bernard Arthur Gloucester RFC
Roath W A W Richmond
Robb G F IRFU Pals
Robbie Goerge A unknownWellington
Roberts Norman Manly District
Roberts Ernest A NSW
Roberts G H Doncaster
Roberts Charles Henry Hill Richmond
Roberts John Henry Emanuel OB
Roberts James P unknown
Robertson Thomas Past Grammars
Robertson Ernest Cecil Lennox Blackheath
Robertson Ernest Guy Guy's Hospital
Robertson Andrew John Wanstead
Robertson D Crusaders
Robertson John C unknownOtago
Robertson Lewis London Scottish
Robertson Lewis Monkstown
Robertson Lewis Edinburgh Wand.
Robertson Lewis United Services
Robertson Maxwell Alexander London Scottish
Robertson Maxwell Alexander Oxford Univ.
Robillard Louis Lorette Sport
Robinson Mortimer Prince Edward Island
Robinson W A New Brighton Lancs
Robinson Frank Emanuel OB
Robinson Ralph Duncan Emanuel OB
Robothan Douglas P. Swansea
Rocassera unknown Stade Tarbais
Rochas Gabriel Stade Rochelais
Rochas Ren? Stade Rochelais
Roche William unknownOtago
Rocher Paul Stade Rochelais
Rocher Georges Stade Rochelais
Roe Joseph Leonard Birkenhead Park
Roe Albert John Havilland Old Merchant Taylors
Rogers George Thomas City & Sub. NSW
Rogers Charles Newton NSW
Rogers Ronald Joseph British Isles tm
Rogers George Lewis London Irish
Rogers George Lewis London Irish
Rohde John Haughton Harlequins
Rolfe C C Richmond
Root Harold Walter Richmond
Roper William Leonard S Johns York
Roper Stuart Edgar Emanuel OB
Rose Algernon Winter London Irish
Rose Algernon Winter London Irish
Rosenberg Sylvain RCF
Rosenthal Arthur Manly District
Rosenthal Arthur NSW
Rosling Alan Percy Harlequins
Ross H Waterloo
Ross C T F New Brighton Lancs
Ross Andrew Royal High Sch. FP
Ross Andrew Edinburgh
Ross James London Scottish
Ross-Jenkins Maurice Emanuel OB
Rossenes unknown Stade Toulonais
Rosser Arthur Swansea
Rosser A Swansea
Roughton Basil Westcombe Park
Roughton C G Westcombe Park
Roujas John Stade Toulonais
Roumengou Henri Equipe de Sud
Roumengou Marc Stade Toulousain
Roumengou Paul Jean Stade Toulousain
Roumengou Pierre Stade Toulousain
Rouquette Douglas George Harlequins
Roussy Georges AS Seine
Roux Ren? CA P?rigourdin
Rowan M Hood Waterloo
Rowatt D Waterloo
Rowatt E Waterloo
Rowley-Crowley G S Llandovery College
Royle A L Manchester
Ruddock B F BC Rugby
Rukingi Waretini unknownRotorua
Rumeau I RC Saint-Gaudens
Russell unknown Doncaster
Russell Arthur Charles Gloucester RFC
Russell John A W unknownOtago
Russell Arthur A Glasgow Academicals
Ruston Alan Max Long Buckby
Rutter Claude Arthur Gordon Sale
Ryan John Stanley Old Merchant Taylors
Ryley Harold Buchanan Emanuel OB
Ryley Harold Buchanan Emanuel OB