Rugby Players

Below is a list of rugby players who died in WWI.

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SurnamePlayer ForenamesClub
Sabin Harold GPO
Sach Charles Burleigh Emanuel OB
Sachs Roy BC Rugby
Sacilly Dimitri SF
Sadd Philip George Burton RFC
Saguy unknown AS Perpignan
Saillens unknown AS Perpignan
Saint-Felix R de Stade Toulonais
Saint-Paul Raymond Stade Toulonais
Salmon Bernard B Richmond
Salmon S F Llandovery College
Samuel E B Wasps
Sandbrook David Aubrey Swansea
Sandbrook D A Swansea
Sandeman George Amelius Crawshay Harlequins
Sans Jean Pierre Auguste FVC Auch
Sargaison William Harry Connacht Rangers
Sargaison William Harry IRFU Pals
Saunders Arthur Bream
Saunders Arthur Gloucester RFC
Saw Noel Humphrey W Blackheath
Sawers Owen C Vancouver RC
Sawyer Frederic William Campion Argentina
Sawyer Frederick William Campion Blackheath
Sayce G B Manchester
Schaefier W G E. Suburbs NSW
Schang Pierre Joseph Alphonse Aviron Bayonnais
Schelps O RC Saint-Gaudens
Scherb Camille Stade Toulonais
Scholtz J Somerset West
Schuller Raymond AS Perpignan
Schuller Raymond Stade Toulonais
Schuller Robert Stade Toulonais
Schulmeister unknown AS Perpignan
Schwarz Reginald Oscar Cambridge Univ
Schwarz Reginald Oscar Middlesex
Schwarz Reginald Oscar Old Paulines
Schwarz Reginald Oscar Richmond
Schweitzer Stanley Grenfell Manly District
Sciascia Charles R unknownWellington
Scollin William Edward Newmarket NSW
Scott Dudley Holme Birkenhead Park
Scott James Wasps
Scott Robert James Hawick
Scott John Douglas Hawick
Scott George Hawick
Scully Peter A unknown
Scurfield Bryan Emanuel OB
Sealy Charles Frederick Noel Prince Richmond
Sebag-Montefiore R L Wasps
Seinion J Stade Toulonais
Sellars Eric Francis Birkenhead Park
Sellars George M V Ponsonby
Selwyn-Smith Hubert George Past Grammars
Semerana unknown Aviron Bayonnais
Semerana unknown Biarritz Stade
Semerana Pierre Jean State Biarritz
Seris? JJ Gaston Stade Toulonais
Servat Joseph Stade Toulonais
Sewell C H Westcombe Park
Sewell H V Westcombe Park
Shackle Frank Guy Harlequins
Shand J W Crusaders
Shannon Daniel Hawick
Shannon Andrew M. Hawick
Sharp Steven Oswald Doncaster
Sharp Douglas Eldridge Richmond
Shaw Victor Charles Birkenhead Park
Sheard F M Waterloo
Sheehan Daniel Joseph Munster
Shell unknown Stade Tarbais
Sheppee Frederick John Emanuel OB
Shiells David Lidcombe NSW
Shires Joe JBAA
Shirley Archibald Vincent Exeter Col. Oxford
Shirley Archibald Vincent Rugby School
Short John Anthony Cardiff Loudouns
Short John Anthony St Peters
Simmie Robert Walker Hawick
Simmons Percy Marston Gloucester RFC
Simpson William Ronald Carde Richmond
Simpson George W Harrogate OB
Simpson James M Harrogate OB
Simpson Victor Leslie Emanuel OB
Simpson Harold R unknown
Sims J M Emanuel OB
Simson Ronald Francis London Scottish
Sisterson Norman Hele Emanuel OB
Sivell Alfred Gilbert Richmond
Skeet Ernest unknownWellington
Skilton William L. unknown
Skinner Frank William Emanuel OB
Sleart Maurice Castres Olympiques
Slocock Lancelot Andrew Noel Birkenhead Park
Slocock Lancelot Andrew Noel Liverpool
Slocombe Charles Geoffrey Emanuel OB
Smethurst John Birkenhead Park
Smethurst Cyril Valentine Richmond
Smit Graham Nicholas Orange Free State RU
Smith Robert John Sale